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    medical care, counseling, vocational and life skills training in a safe, family environment.
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Humanitarian Efforts For Learning Of The Girl Child In Africa (HELGA)

About Us

HELGA works to eliminate disparities in education, social and economic status for prosperity within the local community in Kajiado County...

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Our Mission

To empower vulnerable members of the community through sensitisation and education for meaningful participation in building a just and equitable society.

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Our Vision

We aspire to see a society in which fundamental rights/needs are met

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The Maasai culture is strongly patriarchal, with a man’s wealth measured in terms of cattle and children.

Girls are at the bottom of the social hierarchy. In childhood girls as young as 7 or 8 are matched with much older men, with multiple wives, in exchange for livestock. Many girls are forced to undergo the traditional rite of female genital mutilation (FGM) to be considered marriageable, despite the practice being outlawed by the governments of Kenya. These child brides – who suffer lifetimes of health issues and trauma – become little more than breeders for their husbands.

Fewer than 40% of Maasai girls enroll in school. Even fewer complete primary school and go on to secondary school or university. But those who become educated are respected by their tribe, which is struggling with how to integrate its centuries-old, semi-nomadic lifestyle into the modern world.


The Maasai girls who come to Grace Nanana Rescue Centre are the most at-risk – orphans, runaways or abandoned. They are brought to us by social welfare government officials or relatives trying to save them from cruel cultural practices.

We meet their basic needs with shelter, food, clothing and nurturing adult care. We enroll them in our school. Then we help them develop personal confidence and occupational skills to reach their full potential.

In turn, these girls grow into self-supporting, independent women who will help lift their communities out of poverty to a sustainable future.

Make a Donation Now!

Your support provides the girls the opportunities to attend school (a first for most), immediate and ongoing medical care, counseling, vocational and life skills training in a safe, family environment. With your help, we can give the most vulnerable, at-risk Maasai girls a better and brighter future


Vulnerable girls have graduated from GNERC


Secured funding for vulnerable girls


Youth graduated from our Digi Lab Program in 2019


Trained youth groups with at least 20 members each through our CYP


Women groups with at least 20 members each are trained annually through WEP

Lets help a child help herself