Our Programs

Grace Nanana Education & Rescue Centre (GNERC)

Described as a 'safe-haven' and a 'citadel of peace' by at-risk girls in the center, GNERC is a boarding school that also acts as a rescue center for girls who are running away from GBV.

Sponsorship Program

We look for sponsorship for girls from vulnerable families for primary and secondary and tertiary levels

GNERC still remains my second home. They offered me an opportunity to discover myself and through the sponsorship program, I have been able to pursue tertiary education which has opened incredible doors for me and my family

Digi Lab Program (DLP)

We have leveraged the skills, energy, and passion of a resource that is readily available but overly underutilized-the out of school youth. This is a three-month program through which out of school youth are trained on digital literacy and entrepreneurship.

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Connect the Youth Program (CYP):

CYP we train youth groups and single mothers' groups on entrepreneurship, life skills, positivity, personal and professional development, career choices, and micro-enterprise management. DLP and CYP are our channels for producing young and inspired community-focused change-makers.

Women Empowerment Program (WEP)

Through WEP, we train our women groups on alternative livelihoods, entrepreneurship, nutrition, and climate resilience. These skills are especially important in navigating the harsh physical and economic environment prevalent in pastoralist communities.

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“The water tank has made me able to store water during the rainy seasons and reduced the time spent in walking to the water source which can at times be half the day 6 hrs journey”

Food Security Project (FSP)

We have two greenhouses within the school compound where we grow food to be consumed by the girls in our education center. The surplus produce is sold as an Income Generating Activity. We are making plans to buy a dairy cow to ensure that we have our own, steady milk supply.

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